What’s poppin?! Its been a while since I posted a content. So I want to share and update you with this look. I want to step up my styling game this year. I’ve been trying different things like what I’ve done to this outfit. As you can see I don’t usually do this to my… Continue reading STEPPING UP MY GAME


Finally! I have worn this denim jacket again because I found the perfect match of it which is my old skool navy. You can tell that I love vans because obviously I wear vans a lot. Like almost everytime. I’m so obsessed with it because they are very stylish and affordable. And now sem break… Continue reading ROYAL BLUE


Birdclassics is a local company. It is made in the Philippines. They improvise awesome shorts. I’m so in love with their shorts because of the quality and how comfy it is whenever I wear it plus it’s very affordable. But real talk I love how long the string is. It is very unique. Go check… Continue reading BIRDCLASSICS


Serving you a street outfit. So vintage shirt is a need right now because it is getting all over the place. Like the metallica, yeezus, guns and roses and more. So I was searching online about this shirt. In the first clothing line they don’t have my size and in the other clothing line it… Continue reading STREETSTYLE


You all know I love wearing black. Black is one of my favorite color and its very basic. You can rock by wearing black clothes effortlessly. And by just adding some accessories you can make it more stylish like what I have did on this outfit. I added a wide brim hat, necklace, specs, and… Continue reading BLACKOUT

Shades of Olive

Finally! Semestral break has begun. Gonna do a lot of things like product and outfit shooting for my blog. Before that I will just want to update you guys with this look. So I got this bomber jacket a long time ago and I can’t decide what to pair with it. After a long search… Continue reading Shades of Olive